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Archway Kitchen Design - The Kitchen Studio of Glenn Ellen
Powerhouse Recruiting Employer
The Kitchen Studio of Glenn Ellen

Photo Credit:Michael Alan Kaskel Photography


For candidates, Powerhouse Recruiting helps make your career search easier and more efficient. Specifically, we will guide you so you can find your perfect career fit, a position that is rewarding both professionally and personally. Additionally, we pride ourselves on advising you on your career path and ultimately helping you improve your work life as well as your long-term professional career development.

Our candidates immediately recognize we understand their current situation and their challenges, they put their trust in our guiding them in their job search and career path. They immediately sense we care about helping them find their perfect career.


Although, the job market has dramatically changed over this past year. We understand the difficulties that come with being a job seeker and as a result, are dedicated to making your life easier. For this reason, we work one on one with each candidate and company to not only find you a job but help you build a career.

We want to help you find the career of your dreams. Our clients are always looking for top-tier talent to nurture and help them grow into the next phase of their careers. 

Take the leap and start your career journey today! 

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